Sunday 7th October

Another good rehearsal although we still have a few empty seats, so, if you are at a loose end on any Tuesday night (7.30pm – 9.30pm) or Sunday evening(6pm – 8pm) please feel free to come along.  A warm welcome is assured, along with a lovely cake break.  Last nights cake break (raspberry swirl  cream cake and carrot cake with tea or coffee) was provided by Joanne, all hand made with the help of her 8 year old daughter Tiffany.  Thank you Tiffany!  As a one off tonight, members were asked to make a donation for their refreshments and the joint efforts of both the Senior Band and Training Band, raised  £50 and is on its way to the Heart ‘Make Some Noise’ Campaign.  A big  ‘Thank You’ to everyone who donated.    You may ask yourself  What cake will it be on Tuesday?    Come along and try it and its ALL FREE!  Its the pub afterwards for anyone interested.

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