Saturday 2nd March

After lots of hard work by both the band and their Musical Director Lee Dunkley and, despite a good number of the members being/feeling ill the band gave a good rendition of Gustav Holtz  ‘First Suite in Eb’  when they competed in the 3rd section Yorkshire Area Regional Contest  held today at the Huddersfield Town Hall.   When the results were announced, the band was very pleased to hear they had been awarded 4th place out of a very strong field of 12 competing bands. In their summing up, adjudicators Shona Wade and David Thornton said they were particularly listening for good dynamic contrast and to our delight this was noted in our remarks (Lee really did worked hard on this not to mention other things). WELL DONE EVERYONE!

For all their hard work the band have been given a well earned break, practices resuming on  Sunday 10th March.

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